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Here you will find a collection of resources for individuals taking responsibility for their own health. We offer an encouraging look into the world of the Undoctored®, self-directed medicine, do-it-yourself health care, medical selfies and the quantified self.  If you want to become more engaged in the process of regaining and maintaining optimal health, then CompendiumDX.com is for you.

We review health apps, at-home diagnostics, direct-to-consumer labs, and medical wearables, all available to patients without a doctor’s prescription. We show you how to save money, gain insights and learn ways to monitor, track and improve your personal health.

We were inspired by the writings of Dr. William Davis and Dr. Richard Maurer, the movement and meet ups behind the #QuantifiedSelf (www.quantifiedself.com) and enthusiastic about the growing trend empowering self-directed healthcare and direct-to-consumer laboratory diagnostic tests.

What About Health Insurance?

Let’s be honest, political volatility has destabilized the health insurance industry. The Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare, Trumpcare or other term du jour) is a mess. The result is millions of Americans have high deductible insurance plans that pushes off a great deal of their annual healthcare spend back on to the consumer through high deductibles and co-insurances. What that means, is that in addition to your monthly insurance premiums, a vast majority of your initial healthcare encounters are still very expensive. So, despite having and paying for health insurance, you may have to pay on top of your already very steep premiums for office visit co-pays, lab or imaging diagnostics coinsurances and prescription medicines. There’s got to be a better way. The system just feels rigged against the consumer.

Among developed countries, the United States has the highest infant mortality rate, the lowest life expectancy, and the most preventable deaths per capita.” - Mistreated: Why We Think We’re Getting Good Health Care - and Why We’re Usually Wrong, By Robert Pearl

As a health care executive, I have a bit of an insider's perspective on the situation and I’m sad to to report that elements of the U.S. healthcare industry are rigged against you. Don’t get me wrong, most doctors and probably yours, are truly involved with medicine out of an altruistic desire to improve your health. However, many of the interests, regulations, influencers, suppliers and manufacturers serving the healthcare industry have a purely profit motive. It’s hard to show a profit on one hand and fight to cut healthcare costs and reduce healthcare utilizations on the other.

This misalignment leads to over utilization of medical services, unnecessary procedures and a preference to medicate rather than eliminate. Why cure a disease when we can medicate you for a life time, where that medication often leads to side affects that can only be alleviated through the prescription of another medication. You might be shocked to learn that:

  • 82% of Americans take at least one medication
  • 29% of Americans take 5 or more medications
  • 50% of the medications patients take are ineffective
  • 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. are Adverse Drug Reactions

I’ve learned that when it comes to healthcare, it’s not done for you, it’s not performed on you and it’s not done to you. When it comes to healthcare, it’s up to you to choose health. We the people deserve a better healthcare system!

Hope On The Horizon

I recognize that this opening letter has a bit of a melancholy tone. I don’t mean to be a downer… In fact, I think the future is bright. We are in the dawn of a whole new age in personal healthcare. Never before has the consumer had so much access to information, computing power, tracking tools, genetic insights. Over the next few years everything is going to change, the way you live, work, retire, invest and care for your health. The wave of self-directed medicine, or DIY healthcare, is here.

Think about it, in just the last few years we have:

  • Sequenced the entire genome (now available to you for just a few hundred bucks)
  • Developed life saving biologics
  • Regularly transplant hearts, kidneys and livers

Scientist are predicting average life spans will soon extend well into the 100’s. And that’s not even the best part. On the horizon, new drugs will:

  • Cure Alzheimer's
  • Stop cancer
  • And Nano bots will repair DNA damage at the cellular level.

In order to make more informed healthcare decisions, we will all have to be come responsible for our own health. In fact, NOBODY should know more about your health than you!  This is a growing trend known as ‘consumer-driven medicine’ or ’self directed healthcare’.  It is being driven by waive of technology, direct access lab diagnostics and medical wearables that allow you to track, trend and optimize your personal health.

What you’ll find on this site

Our full compendium offers:

→ Direct to consumer diagnostic laboratories. (i.e. no doctor prescription required)
→ Convenient At Home Health Tests
→ DIY Health Products
→ Medical Wearables
→ The best health apps for your smartphone
→ Listings of the top health tracker websites
→ Best selling personal health books you should read





We predict the political uncertainty around insurance reform will only get worse. As such, I want to prepare you for increased constraints on your access to traditional healthcare.

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What We Do at CompendiumDX

What you'll find on the site is access to and directory of direct-to-consumer diagnostic laboratories, a review of new health devices & wearables, links to the best smartphone apps & websites and much, much more.  We do have to run this a bit like a business. These tests are expensive and if you like our work, you might become a fan of our work and a regular user of our site and click some of our affiliate links or referral offers where we might get a small commission.

CompendiumDX is a brand new site for now. If you’ve made it this far, you are what’s called an early adopter. You are either a quant, a numbers geek type concerned with all things data or you are perhaps a self directed healthcare consumer looking for sincere advice on how to improve your specific health condition. As an early adopter, I want to thank you. Stay tuned…

Over time this site will be jam-packed with literally dozens of useful ideas, diy health hacks and self-improvement techniques to help you make better informed medical decisions.

As I said, you are now part of a growing trend known as ‘self directed healthcare’ or as Dr. Davis calls it, “Undoctored”.  It is being driven by a waive of technology, direct access diagnostics, online lab tests, new fangangled wearables & health tracking devices.

I recognize that fecal transplants and continuous glucose monitoring for weight loss are definitely not mainstream medical modalities (for now).  But the truth is, this is what more and more people are doing to zero in on treatments, interventions or lifestyle modifications necessary for optimal health.  

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