23andMe Ancestry


23andMe Ancestry


23andMe DNA Test - Ancestry Personal Genetic Service :

  • includes at-home saliva collection kit
  • Get a detailed breakdown of your ancestry from 150+ populations
  • No additional lab fee required, and you always have the option to upgrade to add health reports for an extra cost
  • Subject to 23andMe’s Terms of Service at 23andme.com/tos and Privacy Statement at 23andme.com/privacy


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Product description

How it works? Provide your saliva sample from home. Mail it back to our lab in the same kit it came in- the postage is prepaid. 

You will get access to the following Reports and Tools: 

1) Ancestry Composition - See how your DNA breaks out across 150+ populations‡ worldwide.
2) DNA Relatives - Opt-in to connect with people who share DNA with you - and message them.
3) Haplogroups - Trace parts of your ancestry to specific groups of individuals from 1,000+ years ago.
4) Share & Compare - Explore genetic similarities and differences between you and your relatives.
5) Neanderthal Ancestry - Discover if you inherited some Neanderthal DNA.