Best Websites, Apps, and Fitness Trackers for Losing Weight (and keeping it off)


  Trying to lose weight can feel like a never-ending war. You've motivated yourself, perhaps buying the latest and supposedly greatest diet book or memorizing every fact you can find on the health benefits of weight loss.

But if your battle of the bulge has become frustrating rather than rewarding, it's time to arm yourself with new weapons. The good news: Whether you like the idea of wearing a smart watch that tracks your steps or using a phone app that calculates your diet's calorie counts, your options have expanded in recent years. And that means more help for whittling your waistline.

From websites designed to help you lose weight and keep it off to fitness trackers and apps to keep in your weight loss toolkit, this article describes the top resources and devices that can turn your losing battle into the ultimate triumph.

Note: Whether you're starting a diet or changing a food plan, beginning a fitness program or taking your workouts to the next level, talk with your health provider before you make any changes. Your health specialist can guide you when it comes to how to fine-tune your diet and fitness plan so that it's optimal for your well-being.

10 Weight Loss Websites, Apps, and Fitness Trackers that Work!

1. My Fitness Pal

The My Fitness Pal site ( makes calorie-counting easy. Just search for the food that you've eaten to determine the number of calories, and then add it to your daily total. For example, one serving of juicy red grapefruit (yum) is 97 calories. Just search and click to add it to your calorie count.

One big bonus of tracking your calories this way: Help when it comes to avoiding temptation. If you're used to sprinkling brown sugar on that morning red grapefruit, for example, discovering that three tablespoons of the sweet stuff have just as many calories as the grapefruit itself can help you to cut down on that habit.

2.  Active X

Looking for a weight loss app that can motivate in addition to activity track?  Then consider Active X, that gamifies your your weight loss pursuit by allowing you to persuade friends, family, and colleagues to join you on your quest to get fit. Then head over to Active X (, where you can find workouts to do with your new exercise buddies.

The app includes everything from training plans to 30-day challenges. And if you're just starting, don't sweat it. You can also find workouts designed specifically for beginners.

3.  Lose It

Similar to My Fitness Pal, Lose It ( is a weight loss app that provides you with a searchable food database. Find what you're eating (or planning to eat), and add it to your daily diet.

A barcode scanner takes advantage of your phone's built-in camera, uploading the nutrition data linked to the food label. You can also track your exercise to see how your workouts can boost your weight loss.

4.  Pocket Yoga

Namaste. Whether you've thought about doing yoga or already practice your Sun Salutations daily, Pocket Yoga ( can help you incorporate the delights of poses such as the Downward Dog into your life.

The Pocket Yoga library contains all the poses, and you can sort by difficulty (beginner, intermediate, or expert) as well as category (sitting, standing, and so forth). If you lack the time or money to head to a yoga studio, grab a mat at home and listen to the soft voice take you through a practice. The Pocket Yoga app even includes relaxing music.

5.  Diet Bet

Still not feeling motivated to count calories or exercise? Try adding money and competition to the list of incentives. Diet Bet ( turns weight loss into a game, with a pot of gold (well, money) and the chance to win as the motivation.

The site allows you to choose from a variety of options, such as celebrity games, kickstarter rounds, playing against your family or friends, and even creating your own game.

6.  Fit Bit

In an era of fitness trackers that do everything from providing you with motivating music to counting steps, the Fit Bit ( remains at the top of the wearable world. The device continues to set the standard, with variations such as wristbands, clips, smart watches, and even a smart scale.

One major challenge with fitness trackers and other wearable weight loss devices continues to be compatibility with popular apps. If you're not careful, you can find yourself with a phone filled with apps that you love – and a fitness tracker that doesn't work with any of them.

The Fit Bit meets that challenge with a long list of compatible apps clearly listed on its site (, including both My Fitness Pal and Lose It.

7.  Misfit Swimmer's Edition

Feel like a misfit because everyone around you is tracking their jogging, running, and walking, and you just want to focus on swimming? Welcome to the Misfit Swimmer's Edition (

In addition to tracking your laps and swimming distance, this weight loss app and devise tracks your steps, counts calories, and even helps with analyzing your sleep.

8.  Garmin

The Garmin family of wearables ( has something for everyone. And while that can be great, it can also feel frustrating in figuring out which tracker is right for you.

Say hello to Garmin's quiz ( You'll choose different options, such as whether you prefer a slip-on shoes or sneakers, and then find out which tracker is suited to your personality.

9.  Alvita Pedometers

Tracking your exercise doesn't have to turn into a big budget item, and you don't need to stress about a gym membership, membership in a running club, or access to a pool. Pedometers range in price, designed specifically to track your steps. With 10,000 steps a day viewed as the ideal according to recent studies, Omron's Alvita pedometers ( track your steps and provide a way to see how you do each week as well as each day.

10.  Withings

Has your doctor or personal trainer advised you to monitor your heart rate as you exercise? Withings ( offers a fitness tracker that does just that, in the form of the Withings Steel HR.  The Steel HR is described as the first activity tracker that has built-in heart rate monitoring. Don't worry about feeling self-conscious, because the heart rate monitor is inside a watch style. Smartphone notifications are sent to the watch screen, making it easy to see how you're doing.