Medical Backpack, Trauma pack, First Responder bag, medic pouch Antimicrobial


Medical Backpack, Trauma pack, First Responder bag, medic pouch Antimicrobial

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Professional Grade Med Bag

The perfect first responders trauma pack.  This medical equipment bag is ideal for doctors, MD's, Nurses, RN's, Physician's, First Responders, EMT and healthcare practitioners.  This medical emergency trauma kit is not just for first responders.  Also a great HIPPA compliant pharmaceutical rep bag, allowing any health professional to easily stock, organize and find their supplies and samples. Just peak inside the bag for an easy view of meds, dressings and medical supplies.

    • A tactical or emergency medical first aid bag

    • Medical rescue response bag

    • EMS Paramedic medical supply bag

    • First Responder EMT trauma pouch

    • Sports Medic gear pack

    • Medical Sales Rep samples bag

    • Antimicrobial fitness gear tote bag

    • Secured HIPPA compliant files briefcase

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For the medical professional on the go, New Gear Medical's Shield medical backpack offers convenience and versatility with industry leading safety and compliance standards. New Gear Medical backpack are designed with the mobile medical professional in mind, providing optimal organization and compartments, allowing you to focus on efficient patient care.

Antimicrobial Medical Technology

New Gear Medical packs and pouches lead the industry in infection control, using the latest antimicrobial materials, keeping you and your patients safe.  State of the art materials science applied to medical bags for healthcare professionals that offer safety, compliance, convenience and organization.

Water Resistant

New Gear bags are durable and water resistant and can be wiped cleaned and sanitized without damaging the bag quality or antimicrobial protection.

Product features

  • Antimicrobial properties/ Materials
  • Highest Quality Design & Construction. Water Resistant
  • Plenty of Convenient Pockets & Pouches to Stow Gear
  • Dimensions: 13" L x 17" H x 5" D, Weight: 3 lbs
  • Machine Washable
  • Color:  black bag, grey trim, and orange accents

Product description

New Gear Medical Shield - First Aid / Small Trauma Pack is made to be dragged through the worst of environments and still hold its water resistant antimicrobial properties. These USA designed bags are made from antimicrobial 1680D ballistic polyester to provide an extra preventative layer of protection. This medical gear backpack is designed to help you with anything from your daily commute to emergency situations.  Big enough to fit everything, small enough to use every day. * Adjustable straps ,front zip phone pocket with clear ID window, *Secure laptop and tablet compartment/ Personal Space.  Reflective bottom trim for visibility & safety.  Rear trolly pocket supports use with a wheeled trolley * 

 * Bag/Backpack only.  Medical supplies and trolley SOLD SEPERATELY


What is antimicrobial technology?

Antimicrobial technology describes the knowledge, expertise and methods of using agents that kill microorganisms or inhibit their growth.

What does antimicrobial mean?

Antimicrobial is used to describe substances or materials which demonstrate the ability to reduce the presence of microbes, such as bacteria and mold.

What is the difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial?

An antimicrobial is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes: this includes bacteria, mold, fungi and even viruses.  An antibacterial is only effective against bacteria.

How does the antimicrobial agent work on a New Gear Medical bag?

The New Gear Medical antimicrobial agent is introduced to the bag material during the manufacturing process.  This broad spectrum efficacy agent affects the health of the microbe, inhibiting its growth and causing it to die.  This built-in antimicrobial protection means bacteria and other microbes cannot survive on the bag, providing infection control.

**Pictures contain examples of medical supply configurations for reference only.  Supplies not included in bag.  Medical supplies, zipper locks, and wheeled trolly sold separately **